Address: PO Box 1654, Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0

Phone: (250) 256-0637 / (250) 256-8960



Coldstream Ecology is a Lillooet, BC based environmental research and consulting company within the region and Territory. Established by owner operator Alyson McHugh in 2012, Coldstream Ecology provides informed decisions regarding ecological and economic natural resource management. We go beyond the status quo and incorporate the ecological economics of land and water use impacts into environmental impact assessments and monitoring programs. Using community-based approaches, we include the benefits and ecosystem services we receive from nature into land use decisions. We serve local communities, First Nations, farms, large and small industries, non-profits, BC Hydro, universities and governments across North America.

Coldstream Ecology is an environmentally passionate company with a mission to help lead the local transition from an extractive economy to a natural economy. We believe the benefits we receive from nature are to be integrated into decisions regarding land and water use planning and policy implementation. We specialize in combining traditional ecological knowledge with western science to maximize the benefits of the work we do. Our goal is to continue our success by growing our valued team of biologists, field crew and technical staff to expand and diversify our scope of work.


  • Ecological Economic Assessment and Research, Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessments, Environmental Risk Assessments, Review of Environmental Impact Assessments, Best State of the Environment Reports, Expert Witness Testimony

  • Long-term Monitoring Programs, Natural Capital Assessments, Ecosystem Services Assessments and Accounting, Life Cycle Assessments,

  • Mapping: GIS based analyses and communication tools, Avian services,

  • Fisheries, Wildlife, Habitat and Restoration Assessments, Ecological and Biological Services in Remote Settings including Aerial Surveys, Stock Assessments, Aquatic Management and Monitoring surrounding Dams and Independent Power Projects

  • First Nations work focusing on Natural Economies and Capacity Building, Agriculture Land Use Inventory, Environmental Farm Plans