Address: PO Box 1654, Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0

Phone: (250) 256-0637 / (250) 256-8960


“Coldstream will be a company that serves a variety of first nations communities that are

in need of environmental services. Our strategic projects will affect change and enhance the realization of natures contribution to the

people of this world.“

Fish Biology 

We monitor aquatic and fisheries ecosystems.

Wildlife Services

Biodiversity of the ecosystem is vital to communities and we work towards ensuring that wildlife and nature are here for generations to come.

UAV, Geospacial, and Topographic

We utilize cutting edge UAV technology to survey and map, forests, rivers, farmland, tailored to meet the needs of your community or company. 

First Nations Environmental Capacity Building

We are passionate about combining traditional ecological knowledge and expertise with western science that transfers  knowledge to ensure First Nations communities can participate fully in the stewardship of their traditional territories.


We educate and help communities use sustainable forest management practices

in their territories to protect their forests. 


We are leaders with First Nations communities as our partners, in fish and wildlife restoration and enhancement activities. 

Cultural monitoring and Archeology

We help First Nations Communities outside of the St'at'imc Nation protect their heritage and history.